Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's high time I updated. I have tons to show, but I been bad. I'll be back a few times over the next week or so to upload a bunch of the newer stuffs. This post is to show some of the art I did for the Tori Amos Comic Book Tattoo for Image Comics. Story by my great friend Jeff Carroll inspired by Tori's song, "Toast." Tori loved the story so much (The song was written for her brother who died in a car accident, and Jeff, in turn, wrote the story in memory of his wife who had recently lost his wife to breast cancer. She energetically embraced him when they met, gushing about the story. I think she gave me a healthy smile and handshake, heheh.). Included are the ugly thumbs for page 2, and some progress pics. I was going to upload all 5 pages, but I'll hold off doing that for a while. Speaking of Tori, you may or may not know/remember that I did a painting in one of her calendars. I think this was for December 2006.