Monday, June 27, 2011

I had recently finished an accordion sketchbook that I'd started 5 years ago... I had only 2 pages left to go to complete it. The idea was to make one long drawing: place the date of each drawing, and draw lines off the edges. It was a really fun exercise. The problem is, my last 2 pages kind of demolished the preceding ones, even though I really like the rest of them. I decided to pick up another accordion sketchbook that I'd made from a kit back then, and start another one that would be much more serious in terms of detail and thought, and to add even more fun/challenge, I decided to make this one vertical.
Here's the beginning of page #1 (drawn at Bohemian Cafe in Baltimore) started a few weeks ago.

...and after finding a few minutes/hours here and there, here's what I *think* is the final version of the first page: (finished just today during lunch)

For scale: I draw too small... that's my iPhone 4 behind the book, which I used for stability while I scanned it... it actually sticks out on either side of the book. Ha!
Next I really need to focus on a mock assignment from my awesome buddy Howard Lyon (see my links to the right).