Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"?" Inkling

Sketch and ink of my latest "ink-ling." Having fun. I'm actually starting to get behind this blog a bit! I actually think I'll start up a blog for my upcoming comic- which is ridiculously juvenile/adult/inappropriate.


Blitz55 said...

You should blog your stuff more. I've got you on my little rotation of artists I am following blog wise. More Mike May...More Mike May...What ever happened to your BBQ? Also, do those little group chat/draw programs still exist out there? I remember doing that a long time ago.

feeb said...

BBQ is long dead my good friend. I haven't seen anything on those group chats for years, but I know they still exist, and have gotten much better. I hereby accept your challenge to blog more. I even went and updated again today! :)

Great seeing you again Levi. Yr the man.

LostKeep said...

Geez... how do you get the negative space in these little works? It looks like you lay down ink and then use another tool to remove ink from the work... almost like laying down some white out. I think the comic artist Tim Townsend achieves the same things but I have never heard how he does it. I know N8 Van Dyke will use white gel ink or various other white mediums to remove some of the ink he lays down. With his method, you can actually tell he's used another medium because the whites are different hues. Your work, however, looks like and etching. Would you mind sharing how you do it? Best :D