Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Inkling: Overalls!

Here be pencil sketch for another upcoming ink-ling. ETA: Friday 11/30/2012

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Blitz55 said...

Yeah, figured the BBQ was long gone, thought id ask just in case. To The BBQ! Im glad I found this blog though, I still would randomly check if your website was up and ready, I remember you sold a sketchbook on your older website, sorry I missed out on that. Im also pretty stoked im catching you doing these Inklings. I just started trying my hand at some ink work, not that great at it yet, in fact I just screwed up one pic in my sketchbook bad haha. I do have a couple questions about your images here if you don't mind answering. :)
I to will challenge myself to post more on my blog. It's pretty sporadic to say the least.